12 Leading Headphones Under Rupees 500

12 Leading Headphones Under Rupees 500

12 Leading Headphones Under Rupees 500Headphones are much useful when it comes to listening to good quality music. This is so because they are comfortable and you can enjoy the great quality of every single sound that you hear on the headphones. On the other hand, earphones are also there but long-term use of the earphone can cause permanent damage and reduce the listening power. It can also cause pain in the ear.

Headphones are good in many ways because you can enjoy 3D and surround effects of the sound as well. These sounds are great on the headphones. At present, there are many models available in the market which is portable and easy to carry.

Certainly, most of them will not fit in your pocket but when you look at their comfort level at the time of using them, it will be making your day. Here we are going to mention the top 12 headphones under 500. Certainly, you will find after going through the detail description of every single headphone here.

Mi Basic Wired Headset with Mic

Mi Basic Wired Headset with MicMi Company is well known for its great inventions and innovative products like Mi Basic Wired Headset with Mic. It is durable and has a long lasting life. It can be used with the various phones without any obstacle.

The best thing is that the price is quite affordable and you will love the sound quality. High-quality silicone ear-buds are used in it with the universal 3.5 mm jack. You will be getting the best value for your money because HD clear sound with the super bass is making this particular headphone exceptional for the music lovers.

In addition to this, you can also change the track, move to the next track, you can also Pause track and take your calls. Sound chamber is nice made by high-quality aluminum alloy. There are different colors available in which you can buy the headphone like black and red.

  • The wire connecting is really nice with the 3.5 mm jack. It is attachable with almost every latest model of the phone.
  • Price is really low as compared to the good quality.
  • Colors are bright and look very
  • Ultra deep sound technology is available in it which takes the music to a new level.
  • It is only usable with the phone which is having a 3.5 mm jack.
  • Wire technology is used and needs to be attached to the phone.
Overall Thought– People who love to use headphone without taking the extra headache of charging them, again and again, should use this basic headphone to have unlimited fun and listen to some quality music with it. The wires are made in a special way which does not create any trouble. You can use them as quickly as you want without any trouble. People who are looking for something exciting in affordable price, this Mi headphone can be the best choice for them.

Artis E400M In-Ear Headphones with Mic. Headphone

Artis E400M In-Ear Headphones with Mic. HeadphoneArtis E400M In-Ear Headphones with Mic. Headphone with the exceptional design can change your experience with the Smartphone. You can enjoy high-quality music and take your calls whenever you want. The other good thing is that multimedia control buttons are also inbuilt which make it easier to swap between music player and calling.

Now you must be thinking about the different qualities of this particular headphone. Well, the first thing that you will notice about this headphone is its clarity and sharpness of the sound. You can listen to every single detail of the music that you are playing. The other good thing is stereophonic sound which produces ear-pleasing sound and you can spend hours listening to great music without any trouble.

The other good thing is that powerful sound drivers are used with the 15 mm which can produce exceptionally high-quality bass. Mic. Is inbuilt through which you can easily talk while wearing this headphone and take your calls whenever you want. The other good thing about the material is its wire in which highly soft material is used and you will always feel comfortable with it.

  • You will be getting three pairs of the ear caps. They are available in different sizes which can be changed easily as per the ear size of the user viz. small, medium and large. It will enhance your experience with the headphone.
  • The audio control system is available in it with the hands-free calling.
  • The additional micro clip is included with the packing.
  • High bass sound and clear quality of the music make it more pleasing to listen to any track on the phone.
  • It is only compatible with the 3.5 mm Jack support phones.
  • People who love to stay wireless may not find it more interesting.
Overall Thought– High-quality material is used in the wires which makes them extra soft. People who love to listen to music for long hours can use it. Three pairs of adjustable ear caps are available in it which makes it more useful and you can wear them as per your own size. This feature is unique and hardly available in products of the same line. Price is affordable along with all the latest features.

Artis E400M in-Ear Headphones with Mic

Artis E400M in-Ear Headphones with MicArtis E400M in-Ear headphones with Mic are good looking headphone that you can use with the various devices. 3.5 mm Jack is there which make it easier to use with various devices. The sound quality is really well and it provides huge clarity and sharp sound which will give you a good experience.

You can listen to almost every single detail of the sound and listen to some quality music without any obstacle. The output of this particular device is really nice and you will be amazed by the high-quality sound. The earphones are quite light in weight and you can easily carry them all the time. The buds are so soft that you are using for hours without getting any irritation.

The next good quality that you will find in this particular earphone is its wire. It is made with exceptional quality material which provides you smooth handing. The material is durable and thus you can expect a long life of the material. The sound drivers are 15 mm which means you will be getting the powerful bass and sound quality is powerful. Most interesting this that cables are soft and long which means you can attach it with various parts and enjoy it without any hassle. Bass is exceptionally powerful and stereophonic sound will make your day.

  • Soft and long wires are easy to handle because of nice quality material which is used in them.
  • Powerful bass is produced because of the huge sound drivers.
  • Entire material is exceedingly nice which make this piece durable and long lasting.
  • The strength of the wire is great and due to special design, it is tangle free. This means you can use it whenever you want.
  • The ear-buds are made with the soft silicone. In addition to this, three pairs are provided and you can choose the perfect size from the small, medium and large as per your choice.
  • One in-line mike is inbuilt which make is possible to attend calls. You can also control the audio.
  • A single button is provided to do various functions.
  • More buttons can enhance the luxury experience.
Overall Thought– No doubt that in this price, Artis E400M in-Ear Headphones with Mic. is a great choice and you can enjoy the high bass sound. People love to listen to tracks with lots of details can buy this particular headphone and have unlimited fun and entertainment.

BoAt BassHeads 100 In-Ear Headphones with Mic

BoAt BassHeads 100 In-Ear Headphones with MicIf you are really passionate about looking different from the rest of the people, use this particular headphone. Its shape is really unique and exceptionally stylish. You will certainly fall in love with after wearing it for one time.

There are two amazing colors available viz. jet black and frosty white. No doubt that the high quality of the music can be achieved by it and you can also set a special fashion trend with it. It has a 10 mm dynamic driver that is more than capable of producing high-quality sound. Even the most demanding tracks can listen with great details on the earphone with 16-ohm resistance.

Another good thing about the earphone is its ability to handle the call with great clarity. Multimedia controlling system is also provided in which you can play, pause and do several other functions of the media player. You can also take a call and end the call without any hassle with an incredibly pleasant controlling system which is provided on the headphone.

  • The design is exceptionally beautiful which give a clear fashion statement about the user.
  • TCable length is 1.2 meter which is considerably larger than others and you can enjoy it with various types of instruments easily.
  • It is the best combination of quality, fashion, and durability.
  • Wearing these earphones is comfortable and you can spend hours listening to music.
  • Earphones are adjustable and the user should adjust it according to his size of ears.
  • Cable length is really good but some may prefer to have a shorter length.
Overall Thought– No doubt that many features of boAt BassHeads 100 In-Ear Headphones with Mic are not available in any other headphone of the same class.

Samsung S64A Wired Headset with Mic (White, in the ear)

Samsung S64A Wired Headset with Mic (White, in the ear)Samsung does not require any introduction because of their worldwide presence. They have launched several successful and highly innovative products I the market. Every time something new is given by them which make it more interesting to buy their product like this particular headphone. It is coming with the smart microphone which makes it quite user-friendly. You can use it with laptop, audio player, tablet and mobiles because of the universal jack.

Another good thing about the headphone is its super clear quality of the sound which makes it more powerful. Bass quality is great and you can experience the stereophonic sound and listen to every single detail of the music. Samsung is well known for its comfortable designing in the various products. The same thing you can expect here because the high-quality material is used in it.

In-line remote is given in the headphone which makes it an exceptional product. You can swap between music and calling. The noise reduction system makes your calls free from the unwanted destructions while you talking. Every single word is made clear.

  • Flexible ear-buds and high-quality material make them last longer.
  • You can use it during the workout because of the special grip.
  • The in-line controlling system is given which make it more user-friendly.
  • Some people find designing a bit simpler.
  • Traditional types of wires are used.
Overall Thought– Samsung S64A Wired Headset with Mic (White, in the ear) is lasting longer than others because of its high-quality material and special design. People always wanted something durable which they can use longer to get the best value for the money invested. This particular product will certainly provide you good value for your money. Ear-buds are luxurious and provide excellent grips in the different atmosphere.

LeEco LeTv -LeUIH101 Wired Headphone

LeEco LeTv -LeUIH101 Wired HeadphoneLooking great and fashionable is the first choice of the youth and you can do that by choosing the LeEco LeTv -LeUIH101 Wired Headphone. They have great look to offer with the remarkable pink color.

You will be getting the holder to pack them safely after the use. The new design is provided which makes it easier to wear them and walk without any hassle. It has a special design which makes it powerful and it sticks with your ears even when you are on the move.

All the requirements are fulfilled here for the people who love something trendy and stylish. The best thing is that nothing high-quality features are also given in it which makes it the center of the attraction for everyone.

You will be amazed to know the fact that fifteen high-quality components are inside to produce the exceptionally high-quality sound for you. Magnetic moving coil speaker are installed in each earbud with 13 mm. this means it will amaze your sense with the sound which it can produce.

  • Ergonomic design is used in the making of this particular headset which makes it exceptionally outstanding when you are wearing it. You can easily wear this and go for a walk or jogging. They are not going to drop and you can listen to your favorite track.
  • More comfortable and stability is provided because of the new three-point support system.
  • Sounds are beats can be heard to their top because of the great size of the compound membrane oscillating system and drivers.
  • Good care is required
  • More color choices should be there for different users.
Overall Thought– No doubt that in the less price there are some really great features added to it. Larger driver produces great bass and you can clear detail of the even more challenging tracks. The special grip is assured because of the nice design and you can easily wear this particular headphone even when you are walking or jogging.

Philips IN-SHE1515BK/94 Headset with Mic

Philips IN-SHE1515BK/94 Headset with MicPhilips is a top-notch brand which is known for its technological innovation. They have invented several new products and provide an excellent solution to the great problems. In addition to this, products like Philips IN-SHE1515BK/94 Headset with Mic. are setting a new benchmark in the industry. Every single product of this company will provide you with a good example of creativity.

Philips IN-SHE1515BK/94 Headset with mike is great and comes with the inbuilt mike. The other good thing is quality music and bass response. Good wire quality makes it easier to use it because of the tangled wired design. Bigger size drivers are used in it which can produce high bass and great sound. The microphone is also attached to it. You can use it for the hands-free calling. There are two other qualities attached to it

  • The weight of the item is awfully light and thus you can use it for long hours without any hassle.
  • Wire quality designs are good which keeps it tangle free.
  • It looks quite fashionable and interesting.
  • Long wires are provided with it and it is suitable for different gadgets because of the jack inbuilt in it.
Overall Thought– Overall Philips is offering something on which you can easily trust and make your day more musical with it. It will be really nice to use it with your phone and other music players. The price is also affordable and below 500 you can buy this great headphone. Sound and high bass are the two great features that you can enjoy.

Sound One 616-P Red In-Ear Earphones with Mic

Sound One 616-P Red In-Ear Earphones with MicNothing comes before your comfort and keeping this in mind Sound one giving you wonderful headphones. You can get full spectrum sound without any hassle and enjoy the music even when you are on the moving. You can wear these great quality earphones when you are jogging or running. The secret lies in its special design which sticks to your ear.

You can use it with various gadgets and Smartphone. You can enjoy the music with the high bass and challenging tracks can be played on it without any hassle. One extra bass 10 mm driver is also inbuilt which provide you with the marvelous quality of the soundtrack. Carrying and keep these headphones are especially finicky because of its special quality material.

The microphone is also attached to it which provides excellent support when you are taking calls. The call quality is also dreadfully fastidious and you can listen to every single word without any disturbance. The other good thing about this particular headphone is isolation and ergonomic comfort design. New and advanced noise cancellation technology is used which eliminate the extra noise from the surroundings so that you can listen to every single word clearly.

Silicone which is used in the manufacturing of his headphone is really nice. This provides excellent support and you can wear it for hours without getting any issue. They are flexible and the person with any ear size can easily use them without any obstacle.

  • You can enjoy the hands-free calls with busy hands.
  • One button controlling system is provided by which you can switch between calls and music.
  • The design is flexible and you don’t need to change anything.
  • Noise reduction technology is exceptionally well.
  • The safe case is provided with the attractive packing to keep it safe.
  • Some people do not find the design quite interesting.
  • Oval shape the headphone is annoying for many people.
Overall Thought– With the category of fewer than 500, this particular model is great and provides excellent comfort. You can listen to quality music and also enjoy it for hours. Buds are made with the flexible material which makes it easier to use it for different people. It can also withstand a fall from the little height which is really nice.

Mi Earphones Basic with Mic (Red)

Mi Earphones Basic with Mic (Red)Mi has established its great reputation for the quality product within the budget. The headphones are coming with the affordable price and with the all the modern features.

One more interesting thing about them is their design which provides excellent support even when you are walking on the road. High-quality silicone is used in the manufacturing which makes it perfect to use when you are in the mood of listening to some high-quality songs. Cable quality and design are nice and Tangle free. Ultra deep bass is assured with the big size drivers. The other good thing is that 3.5 mm jack is installed which make it universal.

Sound chambers are made with the Aluminum alloy. Due to this feature, it can work for long hours without getting damaged. You can expect the best value for your money because of the strong material which is used in it. Super extra bass quality is available in it because of powerful 10 mm drivers.

Latest HD clear sound technology is available in it which makes it superb when you are listening to even more challenging sounds. In line, microphones are given by which you can easily take calls and have fun. The other good thing is that you can also control the various functions of the music player. Two universal black and red colors are available in it.

  • Here are some great pros that you can enjoy with it like 32 Ohm.
  • Body weight is light only with 14 grams you can carry it with you all the time without any hassle.
  • High-quality silicone ear-buds are inbuilt.
  • HD clarity in the sound.
  • Some people finding trouble with the operation of the mike.
  • Some customers finding it easily perishable.
Overall Thought– Red and black are universal colors and deep bass quality is incredible. You can listen to your favorite tracks with the high-quality music any time. It will be really great to carry this headphone with you all the time because of the ultra lightweight. HD clarity of the sound can make your day and you can easily spend some hours listening to music. Design of this material is superb and fully supportive even when you are moving.

BoAt BassHeads 225 Special Edition In-Ear Headphones with Mic (Blue)

BoAt BassHeads 225 Special Edition In-Ear Headphones with Mic (Blue)The boat has introduced this well-designed headphone which is exceptionally beautiful because of its attractive look and design. The wires are tangle free and one microphone is also attached with it which makes it easier to use and you can take a call in between with hands-free options. The color combination of ear-buds and wire is looking stylish and fashionable. Due to the trendy look, many people prefer to buy it.

The controls are excellent and you can use them without any obstacle with user-friendly settings. It is a fun to operate in different posture and movements. The other good thing is that everything is crafted well and you can expect to last it longer because of the metal which is used in it. The other special quality is the passive noise cancellation which is provided in it.

Now it is even possible to enjoy the quality music in the noisiest and destructive locations. Taking call is also a new experience that you can enjoy with it. A high quality of the call is assured because of its noise-canceling microphone. This means the other person who is communicating with will be able to listen to every single that you say without any destruction.

Smooth gripping is provided which can adjust itself according to any atmosphere. This means you can easily enjoy it in your lifestyle and you don’t need to adjust anything. The fittings are righteous and they are perfectly designed to take care of your ears when you are wearing.

  • Sonic clarity is outstanding and the bass system is exceptional.
  • Noise reduction system is provided which make you able to listen to music in a noisy atmosphere
  • Microphones are heaving passive noise reduction system which supports while taking calls.
  • Some of the customers are finding the headphone a bit heavier than others.
  • Wires are moderately long and some find it difficult to manage them. Particularly people with a short height face problem.
Overall Thought– There are many unique features available in these headphones. Bass system is exceeding expectations which give you extra pleasure when you listen to high bass tracks. The wires are bit longer which is really good for the people who hardly find enough wires according to their height in most of the headphones. Noise reduction system and sticky designing of the ear-buds make them highly usable in every situation.

Philips IN-SHE1525BK/94 Wired Headset with Mic

Philips IN-SHE1525BK/94 Wired Headset with MicInnovation is their main punch line and here we are talking about the Philips product. This particular model is quite different in the look because of its high-tech design.

It is coming with the mice and the tangle free wires. These headphones are quite different from other because of the unique support for the ears due to its special design. You can easily wear them while jogging in the morning walk or doing a workout at the gym. This will certainly enhance the fun or listen to your favorite track at the time of working out. An interesting fact is that you don’t have to worry about the headphone falling down.

Sound quality and bass response are mind-blowing. No doubt that people who love to listen to workout tracks on their headphone or wanted to enjoy the DJ sound quality can enjoy these headphones without any hesitation. Philips is always known for its special innovative products and in this model; you can really feel it through the special supportive to ear design.

  • Additional support for the ears due to a special design.
  • The high quality of the bass
  • Enough length of the wire
  • Tangle-free wires and long lasting
  • The high-quality material inside which makes it more durable
  • Special sticky to ear design is perfect for the people who love to listen to music while doing workout
  • Some people did not find the bass quality exceptional
  • The trouble with the ear-buds after some time is noticed by a couple of users.
Overall Thought– Extra support for the years makes this particular headphone heart touching. People who prefer to listen to workout music in the gym or while jogging must use it. The other good thing is its tangle-free wire. You can easily carry it for long hours on your ears because of the high quality of the ear-buds which are made with the tested material. Sound quality is nice and you can easily listen to favorite tracks for long hours without getting any irritation.

Every com X1 Secure Fit DJ Edition Earphones with In-Line Microphone

Every com X1 Secure Fit DJ Edition Earphones with In-Line MicrophoneEveryone X1 Secure Fit DJ Edition Earphones with In-Line Microphone is getting famous among various people because of its special design and many new features. The good thing is that high-quality material is used in it that makes it last longer than any other product of the same line. It can reduce the noise which means you can listen to high-quality music even in the noisiest space.

Now you must be wondering that what are the new features added in this particular headphone. Innovative finger-contoured housing designing style is used. This means that you can use it in various situations where the other products may be falling down from your ears. The ear-buds are made with the special material that is extra soft on your ears and you can use it longer.

TPE wire is used in it which makes the wire tangle resistant and it is also more durable than the other wires. The quality of the product is so nice that even the company is offering one year warranty on it.

  • One year warranty is coming.
  • Noise reduction system
  • TPE wire with the quality and long-lasting material.
  • Control system for taking calls and operating music player functions.
  • It is a DJ additional model in which you can enjoy every single track to its full extent like a real DJ without any obstacle.
  • Lightweight body.
  • Bass vent is given which is supportive to high bass songs.
  • Designing and look is beautiful.
  • Some people are having trouble when they are on move and use it with the sound.
  • People who prefer flat cables don’t like its cable designing.
Overall Thought– If you are looking for something to play the high bass music, this particular headphone is for you. It can give you great DJ sound quality and you can enjoy it every DJ party track on it. The look and style of headphone are really nice and make it more interesting to use it. You may look stylish and fashionable after wearing this and going on a walk.

Things to consider before you buy headphones

Pricing of the headphone is below 500 is really nice. It makes it a bit challenging task for the companies to produce high-quality material at this price. But still, there are many good products available in which you can easily spend your money and have more fun. Here are some few factors that you should always keep in your mind to buy the best headphones under 500 rupees.

Good quality ear-buds

1- Market is almost flooded with the headphones at present. It is quite interesting to have so much choice available in the market but at the same time, it is a bit challenging task to find out the best useable headphones. But the first thing that you should notice about them is the good quality ear-buds. You can only use them longer when the quality of the ear-buds is really nice. It should be the first thing that you should notice when you are trying to buy high-quality headphones which you can wear.


2- The next thing that should be pricing and your budget. It is better to decide about the money that you are ready to pay for them. You should be a bit flexible here and make sure that you are ready to pay for something interesting and nice. This means headphones which are coming with the durable material and extra features may cost a bit more but it is worthy of your money.

Sound isolation

3- Sound isolation is the next feature that you must notice in the headphone. In most of the cases, we use the headphones in the ear at the time of traveling or when we are far away from our place or calm atmosphere. To avoid the harsh sound and unpleasant noise, some people prefer to use headphones. In that situation, you should pay proper attention towards the sound isolation. This way you will be able to use them even in the noisiest locations without any trouble.

Frequency range

4- Frequency range is the next thing that you should notice about the product. It is better to know about the frequency range of the various headphones and compare them in advance before you are going to put your money into them. This way you will be able to make the correct decision about the money that you should invest.

Noise canceling on calls

5- Noise canceling is the next feature that you can take into your consideration at the time of buying the headphones. This should be working even when you are taking calls through the microphones. Clarity of the sound during the important call is significant. People who are engaged in professions like finance and banking or something like that should prefer to have this particular feature in their headphone to avoid any kind of blunder.

Warranty and money back

6- Money back guarantee and warranty are the next two things that you should look in the headphones. No doubt good companies with the selected material can offer such great things. You should give preference to them and make sure that you are taking everything in return.

Final verdict about the purchase

Even after taking so many precautions there is no 100% fix rule that you can follow for the best headphones. Earphones below 500 are great because you are saving a lot here and at the same time you are enjoying the high-quality music without any trouble. No doubt that headphone under 500 categories is offering great features and most of them are offering great controlling system. You should give preference to a model which is coming with comfortable designing.

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